Birthdays happen the same day every year.

Know someone with a special birthday coming up?


Do your planning now and by the time it rolls around, your gift is paid for and delivered.

Unlike our food hampers, products can be delivered any time you would like them. So get out your calendar and look at who might have a special birthday, or graduation or new baby coming up and then work back to today and choose from a wide variety of items: electronics, appliances, jewellery, garden furniture etc. And we now even offer Spa gift certificates, which always make a nice gift.

It makes life way easier to plan ahead. That way you aren’t running out to the store and rushing to buy something at the last minute. No line-ups or lack of parking spots at the mall to contend with. One phone call or visit to the website and it’s all organized. Feel free to treat yourself as well.

There is nothing like buying “you” a little something.

Paid in full, enjoyed in full, we like to say.

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