Paid in full, enjoyed in full.

The past few years have seen many big furniture companies offer to give their customers items now and don’t pay for a year. The problem arises when you see the interest and fine print behind the offer. It doesn’t mean you are getting a good deal on the item, it means you can enjoy if for a while, as you make the payments.

What happens in many cases, is that people make a quick decision on something and then regret it when the bills start to pile up.

MyLayAway is the counter-balance to that idea. product-med2114 resized.jpgSay your family is in the market for a new computer. You decide you want an Apple MacBook Pro. You go onto our website and pick it out and see how much it will cost. Then you decide how many payments you would like to make, at what amount. Could be a year. Or six months, or even shorter. Once the plan is in place you know exactly when it will be paid in full. 

It is customized to exactly how you want to pay for it. There usually a lot of excitement when a big item is going to be delivered because the customer has been patient and waited until the own it fully, before it arrives.

No bills to follow, no stress over looming payments, it's just easy!  Call us to work out a payment schedule that works for you. 1-800-847-0236

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